Start thinking about Summer 2015...Positive School Climate and Culture will tailor a professional development training session to fit your school's need. Check out this teacher feedback from a recent PSCC course:


Chris Hagedorn | Positive Schoolwide Climate and Culture | Every Adult On Board

teacher trainingChris Hagedorn (left) leads a training session.

Professional development and on-site consultation in your area(s) of need:

  • Relationships: Teacher-self
  • Relationships: Teacher-student
  • Relationships: Student-student
  • Relationships: Teacher-parent
  • Relationships: The Adult Community
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL), especially student self-regulation
  • Setting clear expectations
                                  • Transferring responsibility to students over time
                                  • Redirecting misbehavior
                                  • Maximizing student time on task
                                  • 25 Tier 2 interventions, and a systematic approach to using them
                                  • Reducing office referrals through adult teamwork
                                  • Implementation assessment tools

Positive School Climate and Culture (PSCC) fits the federal PBIS framework.  If you’ve tried an existing PBIS model and had trouble because the rewards part keeps getting in the way, look at us and compare.  Approximately 70% of our focus is on preventing antisocial behavior through Tier 1 practices.   PSCC provides students with a daily schoolwide immersion experience in healthy climate and culture--an experience they play a role in shaping.

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